HiTech Closing Session 2022

The Livestream, the pitches, the pictures. (Re)view the best moments of this closing session.


The HiTech Closing Session 2022, which marked the conclusion of the HiTech program, took place last Wednesday, July 13. The program's conclusion was one of HiSeedTech's most significant turning points in July, which was attended by more than 150 people online and 80 people in the Tivoli BBVA theater.

In this event, the nine participating teams - comprising 34 researchers from Portuguese R&D institutions – pitched a business case for a product (or service) concept generated from the technologies proposed by them to HiTech Program. Over 18 weeks, each team had access to training, mentoring, advising, and the help of our American Partners from Brown, NCSU, Rutgers.

You can (re)view the pitches by clicking in each project:
BioReboot - A replacement to single-use plastics in agriculture
HuTissue - Human protein-based platform for 3D cell culture
Tink - HelmLink - Crash Detection System for Helmet
Smart Photonics - Be your own sommelier
SENSEPREDICT - We help achieve the best product
PURR.AI - Let’s conquering age
BioElectroFilm - Biodegradable electrically conductive packaging
MyoChip - Accelerating drug development for ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Fykia Biotech - Powered by microalgae

This event was marked also by the public announcement of S3E, and Horizon Europe Program, that HiSeedTech will coordinate and that, together with consortium partners (Australo, EPLO, IDI ), will help extend HiTech Program methodology to other Southern Europe countries.

You can read the following three news to learn more about S3E project:
Expresso - Projeto português quer fazer a ponte entre a inovação mediterrânica e as empresas
PME – HiSeedTech apresenta novo projeto para acelerar ‘deep tech’
Observador – Projeto europeu, com coordenação da portuguesa HiSeedTech, quer “casamento” entre empresas e ciência.

And if you were unable to attend the event, you can always view it by clicking here.

Check all the pictures here.

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