HiTech Projects 2022

Meet the nine deep tech projects that will pitch on the 13th of July on HiTech Closing Session.

The 13th of July is getting closer and, along with that, the HiTech Closing Session 2022 arrives. In June we introduced the event and what could be expected, but today we leave you with more information about what each project will be and the that each team will present at this event. Registrations are available here.

BioElectroFilm- an electrically conductive food packaging for in-pack pulsed electric field food (PEF) sterilization. This technology will extend the shelf-life of minimally processed food and keep their nutritional and organoleptic properties.
Team: Ana Barra and Zélia Alves
Institution: CICECO - University of Aveiro

BioReboot – focuses on reusing bio-waste from the agricultural sector as a substitute/alternative for single-use plastic used in agricultural production. The team developed prototypes that act as physical/nutritional support for seeds and seedlings, retain water and minimize the stress caused by the transplant.
Team: Thiago Campos, Carla Ragonezi and Marcela Campo
Institution: University of Madeira

Fykia Biotech – intends to develop an anti-obesity nutraceutical. The AlgaePhyt by Fykia Biotech is a hpa enriched encapsulated nutraceutical, powered by algae that is more effective, safe and carbon-negative. This algae-sourced compound is toxicity-free and carbon negative.
Team: Ralph Urbatzka, Pedro Leão, Ana Rita Vieira, Filipe Henriques and Hugo Amaral.
Institution: CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research

HuTissue – It’s an easy-to-use and highly versatile human-based platform for cell culture, drug screening and disease modelling. To pharmaceutical & Biotech industry, who wants more accurate results while accelerating drug discovery and reducing associated costs, this is the perfect project to look.
Team: Catarina Custódio, Sara Santos, Inês Deus, Gonçalo Amador and Fabiana Pereira
Institutions: University of Aveiro and Metatissue

MyoChip – brings a novel approach to advance drug screening towards a cure for Amyotrophyc Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This technology uses an organ-on-chip platform to investigate muscle and nerve degeneration "in vitro'' with single cell resolution and high content information.
Team: Afonso Malheiro, David Barata, Inês Martins and Katharina Henning
Institution: iMM - Instituto de Medicina Molecular

PURR.AI – is a platform based on Artificial Intelligence whose aim is the discovery of new therapeutic/drug targets in the context of neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging.
Team: Irina Moreira and Nícia Rosário-Ferreira
Institution: University of Coimbra

SENSEPREDICT – has a high innovative character because it can predict a sensory characteristic without the food being placed in the mouth and, mainly, because this information is not obtained only through knowledge of the product, but knowledge of the interaction between the product and saliva. of the consumer.
Team: Elsa Lamy, Carla Simões and Inês Caeiro
Institution: University of Évora

Smart Photonics – is a biodegradable label able to store static information, which can be attached to products from different markets. Additionally, our label, when accessed through an APP installed on a smartphone can have different customized features. This includes temperature measurement and the ability to function as a fingerprint, enabling its authentication and tracking, thus giving the consumer a unique experience and producers additional possibilities to control their product.
Team: João Ramalho, Bárbara Vaz, Lília Dias, Paulo André and Rute Ferreira
Institutions: University of Aveiro, IST – Instituto Superior Técnico and IT – Instituto de Telecomunicações

TINK – has developed concept that consists of incorporating a system in the helmet that, in case of an accident, automatically contacts an emergency service or other contacts pre-defined by the user.
Team:André Opinião, Guilherme Ferreira and Suman Nandy
Institutions: Nova School of Science and Technology

Each deep tech project is unique and has different potential, being developed by researchers from Portuguese R&D organizations.

You will have the opportunity to watch the presentation of each team on the 13th of July directly from the stage of Tivoli BBVA Theatre and, for that, you only need to register here (the event is free, and registration is mandatory).

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