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HiTech is a hands-on experience designed for R&D teams that aims to provide skills to researchers in knowledge commercialisation to enable them to:
  • link Science & Technology to product and market needs,
  • better communicate science to a non-science audience,
  • evaluate the different paths to move the technology to the market.
HiTech will facilitate research teams to be better aligned with Horizon Europe's goals, namely by helping them to understand how their research can create a stronger impact in society and how to better disseminate and exploit Research and Innovation results.

HiTech targets science & technology in these fields: agricultural sciences, engineering and technology, life sciences, and natural sciences.

 HiTech Outcomes
The participating teams in HiTech will be supported in the development of:
  • a business case for a product (or service) concept generated from the technology(ies) proposed by each participating research team;
  • a pitch presentation of the product (or service) concept that enables to quickly communicate the business case.

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Can Apply?

R&D teams from Universities, Laboratories & Research units that want to…
  • Assess the economic potential of their scientific findings;
  • Acquire communication skills to convey research to non-science audiences;
  • Gain skills in technology commercialization.
Startups that want to…
  • Assess the technology assumptions supporting their business development model;
  • Acquire communication skills to pitch to a business audience;
  • Gain skills in technology commercialization.
HiSeedTech members companies that want to…
  • Validate and accelerate the ongoing projects with Universities or R&D centers;
  • Gain skills in technology commercialization.

Fields: agricultural sciences, engineering and technology, life sciences, and natural sciences.

are the costs?

HiTech does not involve any fees to participating teams, because the HiSeedTech member companies see the Program as part of their corporate social responsibility and, as such, support the costs of the Program.

However, before you apply, you should bear in mind that there is a cost for organizing the Program and you need to assure us that you will have the time and willingness to fully participate in the HiTech throughout its duration. There is a 'moral' penalty for teams that withdraw from the Program once it has started, which is related to the fact that you have left out another team that was willing to participate

it works?

HiTech will start in March and end in July 2023.

HiTech comprises:
  • Online sessions about Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship 
  • Webinars about business development, IP, and pitching 
  • Online meetings with industry experts 
  • Online meetings with faculty of leading American universities Brown, NC State, Rutgers 
Three onsite presentation sessions will occur throughout the Program:
  • Early in the Program to allow for networking among participating teams 
  • Halfway through the Program, to present a value proposition to a selected audience 
  • A final public presentation to pitch the business case 
In between online sessions, each team has to fulfill a set of deliverables which are the key tool to help researchers understand the process that is required to (i) translate technology into a product concept that fulfills a market need and (ii) develop a business case for the ensuing product concept.

Mentors (industry experts) will guide and support the development of those deliverables.


HiTech is the entry Program to HiSeedTech set of initiatives aimed at supporting the commercialization of technologies developed from scientific research results and providing skills to participants in technology commercialization.

The follow-on initiative to HiTech aims to support participating teams in further develop the business case and start the procurement of funding from dilutive sources (e.g., venture capital) or non-dilutive sources (e.g, Horizon Europe funding) to further develop the project.

Finally, a subsequent initiative will support the participating teams to move through the three key steps in developing a business plan to:
  • start-up a venture;
  • license the technology to an existing company;
  • or find a partner to further develop the technology.

  2022 Projects
BioElectroFilm / BioReboot / Fykia Biotech / HuTissue / MyoChip / PURR.AI / SENSEPREDICT / Smart Photonics / TINK 

  2021 Projects
Bactometer / CryoDES / Heartware/ i-Grape / MOON Therapeutics / N9VE/ NEVADA/ PurifY

  2020 Projects
ACS20 / Ceramics4All / Chemi-Tumor / DIAGONAL / GOTech Cardiovascular / M9'Calibre / Metabofind / Phyergy / PureDNA / Self Stacked Systems

  2019 Projects
AMTC- Anti-malarial combination therapy CLEVER / ENKI HydroTec / IR Bactyping / NewAlgaFeed Nitrogen Sensing Solutions / TripleHope

  2018 Projects
2Resource AntiBioCoat / Aqua in Silico / GlassLink / GlycoDiagnostic OncoAdvanC+ / Plastics-4B / PPK / SensiNOV Targ.Tex / UNI.Value 

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