HiTech 2018 Closing Session: the projects

Meet the projects that will pitch their tech-based business ideas.

The HiTech 2018 Program will have its final session on July 3 at Porto Business School starting at 2:00 p.m. Registrations here.

Meet the projects:

2Resource - Recovering Water, creating Resources to build // School of Science and Technology - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

To ensure prosperity, companies should strategically think about the profound business risk on living in a world where climate change will aggravate the water scarcity picture. Building sector is highly dependent on water availability, quality, price and policies. 2Resource is a technology that transforms wastewater in reusable water for high quality construction materials production. Our product, an electrodialytic reactor will empower our customers, the building construction companies, in their core activities, eliminating the link to this raw material, contributing positively for their sustainability and profitability

AntiBioCoat - Anti-adhesive Biopolymer Coating for medical devices // i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde

AntiBioCoat is a highly efficient broad-spectrum bacteria repellent coating, with lubricious and biocompatible properties. AntiBioCoat is based on a sustainable, cost-effective, 100% natural marine polymer. The use of AntiBioCoat in catheters would reduce infection prevalence and associated problems, being beneficial to the patient (less pain and complications), clinical staff (time of care) and healthcare system (reducing costs). AntiBioCoat is a new mitigation strategy to control infection without aggravating bacterial resistance nor inducing toxicity, thus significantly impact human health.

Aqua in Silico - Improving wastewater treatment plant efficiency // School of Science and Technology - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

For large wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) performing biological phosphorous removal, handling with high OPEX costs (>€2.0 M/yr) and obligated to recover more than 50% of phosphorus from sewage sludge. MetaD-Web product is a cloud-based software & consulting service that improve WWTP efficiency. The technology is a platform of advanced mathematical models that predicts and optimises the performance of WWT as function of operational conditions. The most important customer benefits are the operational cost savings (>20%) and improvement of process sustainability through phosphorus recovery.

GlassLink - Self-adhesive dynamic smart film // CENIMAT-i3N, School of Science and Technology - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

For architects, buildings owners and occupants that want to enjoy view and daylight, ChromoGlaze is a flexible transparent retrofit-able electrically tinting film that is applied on the inside side of a static window. It filters glare, heat and harmful UV light and keeps the view, saving energy and increasing productivity, health and comfort. Unlike typical expensive smart windows, there is no need to replace windows, it tints faster and adds simplicity as an adhesive that can be manually or automatically controlled and self-powered by the sun, which makes it easy to install by the end-user.

GlycoDiagnostic - Diagnostic Test for Stomach Cancer // i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde

Stomach cancer is the fourth most frequently occurring malignancy worldwide and about 70% of those will die due to the disease. and the third leading cause of cancer-related death. Most patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage, when it is often too late and treatment options are no longer efficient. However, no screening methods are yet available. GlycoDiagnostic is an easy and fast blood screening test for early detection of stomach cancer for clinicians, hospitals and diagnostic centers. It uses a new technology that detects two specific-cancer markers (sugar+protein), accrediting another level of cancer specificity. Our product allows a reliable detection of stomach cancer at earlier stages (I and II) with less than 10% of false positives.

OncoAdvanC+ - Advancing colorectal cancer therapeutics // International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), i3S - Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde and University of Minho.

Our product is a unique therapeutic solution for a large segment of advanced colorectal cancer patients (~425.000/year) that currently lack effective treatment (overall survival rates ~ 9-10 months). Due to its mode of action, it overcomes major limitations of current therapeutic strategies, presenting high effectiveness and reduced side-effects, while preventing development of therapy resistance. As such, clinical outcomes and patients quality of life will be significantly improved. Treatment associated costs, which for this phase represent ~ $25 000/patient/year will also be reduced.

Plastics-4B - Upgrading biomedical devices for better health // Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering - Instituto Superior Técnico

There’s a growing demand of organs that conventional transplants cannot supply. Organs grown with stem cell engineering are one possible solution. Plastics-4B technology is a platform using enzymatic processes for synthesis of polymers with tailor-made properties for manufacture of biomedical devices (scaffolds, sutures, films, meshes screws, drug delivery agents). Our product Scaffolds-4B is a biodegradable polymer with high purity and biocompatibility and contributes for adequate growth and transformation of human embryonic stem cells into proper organ tissues.

PPK - Tackling neurodegenerative diseases by improving protein aggregation detection // Institute for Research in Biomedicine (iBiMED) - University of Aveiro

Sensorium is a specialized service for pharmaceutical companies that are struggling to develop therapeutic solutions for patients with large unmet medical needs in the neurodegeneration field. We are dedicated to find novel solutions to improve protein aggregation detection using human cellular models, that can be used to identify therapeutic targets and novel drugs to treat neurodegeneration in a faster and reliable manner. Using fluorescent sensors, we can detect accumulation of protein aggregates with high accuracy and set up high content screenings to offer a unique and innovative pre-clinical tool to find novel therapies for protein aggregation-related diseases.

SensiNOV - Your product, your way // Faculty of Medicine - University of Porto

Clients buy food products according to their flavor preferences. Therefore, it is important to maintain flavor properties between batches of products in food production lines. The SensiNOV service, with its innovative SensiBOX technology, will provide food industry companies with a fully customized, automated, objective and sensitive flavor control, specifically optimized for their product. Benefits include fast, objective and sensitive results, with higher human independence and quality-price ratios when compared with the competitors, delivering the ultimate flavor control service.

Targ.Tex - Targeted Therapeutics// Institute of Molecular Medicine - Universidade de Lisboa

Targ.Tex is an early stage drug developer focused on delivering clinical candidates against different types of cancer. Based on an artificial intelligence platform and supported by our team collective expertise, we modulate and modify the molecules to ultimately develop potential anticancer drugs. As pioneering projects of our pipeline, we have identified two natural products with potential therapeutic effects in two clear examples of unmet medical needs in oncology. Currently we are optimizing these products to achieve therapeutic efficacy in these specific oncological patients.

UNI.Value - High-quality sea urchins for gourmet food // CIIMAR and University of Minho.

The Uni.Value team developed a process based on aquaculture technology that allows the production of consistent high quality sea urchins for the gourmet segment of the catering industry. Sea urchins are a gourmet food, known for its bright colors, strong sea taste (umami) and buttery texture. Its status as a gourmet food makes high quality a must with grade A being the best quality.During the past few decades, demand has increased as this delicacy is gaining recognition worldwide. This has driven the overexploitation of natural populations and the need for strict legislation to protect them, further exacerbating the distance between demand and supply. Presently, the only solution in place consists on the exploitation of the limited natural resources. Furthermore, this results in a seasonal product with a highly variable quality and the dependency on fishing quotas hinders the upscaling of the process. Supported by a proprietary technology, Uni.Value proposes the production of grade A sea urchins in aquaculture, which allows for a year-round availability of the product, food safety certification and due to its complete independence from natural populations, scalable.

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