HiTech 2018 Closing Session: overview

An audience of more than 150 people, 11 projects that want to change the world, lots of inspiration and networking.

The business projects that resulted from the tech-based ideas supported by HiTech were presented at the closing session of this initiative, last July 3 at Porto Business School, with an audience of more than 150 people.

In this first edition of HiTech participated 11 projects developed by 33 researchers from Portuguese R&D institutions, 11 management students from Porto Business School and Nova SBE and 24 business mentors.

HiTech projects 2018:

  1. Plastics-4B - Upgrading biomedical devices for better health
  2. AntiBioCoat - Anti-adhesive Biopolymer Coating for medical devices
  3. 2Resource- Recovering Water, creating Resources to build
  4. UNI.Value - High-quality sea urchins for gourmet food
  5. Targ.Tex - Targeted Therapeutics
  6. PPK - Tackling neurodegenerative diseases by improving protein aggregation detection
  7. GlycoDiagnostic- Diagnostic Test for Stomach Cancer
  8. GlassLink- Self-adhesive dynamic smart film
  9. SensiNOV- Your product, your way
  10. Aqua in Silico - Improving wastewater treatment plant efficiency
  11. OncoAdvanC+ - Advancing colorectal cancer therapeutics

Meet the HiTech Projects Presentations and the posters.

At the closing session intervened the Secretary of State of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Maria Fernanda Rollo, António Brandão de Vasconcelos, President of the Board of HiSeedTech, Ramon O'Callaghan, President of the Board of PBS and Pedro Vilarinho, General Manager of HiSeedTech.

We also had a roundtable discussion about “Science and technology-driven innovation" with the presence of: Marta Cerejo from FCT Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Nuno Azevedo from Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto; Nuno Silva from Efacec; Steve Markham from Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions and North Carolina State University; Tiago Monteiro Brandão from Super Bock Group and Cristina Simões from HiSeedtech that was the moderator.

View pictures of the session.

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