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HiTech Two - the second stage of HiTech Program - is a hands-on learning experience for teams who want to:
(i) develop a well-sustained business case for a product/service concept with a validated value proposition;
(ii) gain skills in technology commercialization. 

HiTech Two is an intensive nine-week Program with once-weekly in-class sessions and deliverables to be completed between these sessions.

Participants will get training and tutoring in technology commercialization, the support of management people, namely experienced business mentors and networking with HiSeedTech companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

A set of seminars on topics relevant for the on-going tasks will be provided to the participants (e.g., business development, business planning or financial tools).

  HiTech Two 2020 Outcomes
A well-grounded business case for the product/service concept developed in the HiTech One, that can be used to procure:
  • funding for the proof-of-concept stage;
  • a licensing partner; or 
  • a partnership in a funded project.

  HiTech Two 2020 Projects
Ceramics4All / Chemi-Tumor / DIAGONAL / GraphTEAM / Metabofind / Phyergy / PureDNA / Self Stacked Systems

Can Apply?

R&D Teams/Startups/HiSeedTech members companies with...
  • a validated value proposition for a product/service concept, namely the teams that completed HiTech One and want to move forward.

are the costs?

Participation in HiTech Two does not involve any fees. 

However, before you apply, you should bear in mind that there is a cost for organizing the Program and you need to assure us that you will have the time and willingness to fully participate in the HiTech throughout its duration. There is a ‘moral’ penalty for teams that withdraw from the Program once it has started, which is related to the fact that you have left out another team that was willing to participate.

it works?

HiTech Two starts in the second semester of 2020.

In-class sessions and mentor meetings occur once a week for 9 weeks.

A set of seminars on topics relevant for the on-going tasks will be provided to the participants (e.g.,  business development, business planning).

Weekly deliverables will need to be carried out in between in-class sessions. 
These deliverables are key in the learning process and provide the guidelines to help you move towards the development of a value proposition.

HiTech Two concludes with a public presentation to an audience of researchers and members of the business community (e.g, investors and managers).


HiTech is a three-stage program aimed at: 
  • supporting the commercialization of technologies developed from scientific research results
  • providing skills to participants in technology commercialization.
This approach allows participating teams to move through the three key steps in developing a business plan to: 
  • start-up a venture;
  • license the technology to an existing company; or
  • find a partner to further develop the technology.
In HiTech Two, participating teams will develop a business case for the product/service concept developed in HiTech One. This will allow participants to acquire business development skills, further strengthening the commercialization skills developed in HiTech One.

For the teams that complete this stage and do not move forward to the next stage, the benefit is that they will gain a deep understanding on what it takes to develop a sustained business case to attract investment, license a technology, or participate in an open innovation program

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