HiSolve aims to support the search of technologies to solve Associates specific problems by connecting them to HiSeedTech Fellows Network that includes more than 600 researchers’ who have expertise in industrial case-studies.

The interaction between industry and researchers’ has many potential benefits for both. Researchers learn about interesting potential research problems and find application for their existing tools. Our Associates get access to top scientists and cutting-edge technologies that will help to solve their problems.

This program:

  • Provide our Associates with new ideas and approaches to solving current problems.
  • Foster contacts between academia and industry, often leading to long-term research collaborations.

At the end of this program researchers with the help of HiSeedTech team will make a presentation consisting of the problem restatement and their solution.

For more information, please contact HiSeedTech team.

Can Apply?

HiSolve Program is exclusive for HiSeedTech Associates.

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