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Customer-centric innovation is the first laboratory launched by HiSeedtech. 
This innovation laboratory aims to: capture all the customer inputs required to succeed at innovation; provide tools to discover, prioritize, and leverage business opportunities and make innovation more predictable; and explore opportunity spaces.

- 6 hours of training, spaced in time, in order to allow participants to interact with the market to ensure that they gather the information necessary to validate the needs of customers/users that will give rise to a product or service concept.
- 3 hours of personalized executive business coaching;
- Inter-departmental teambuilding.
- A tool/method that is replicable and will help to accelerate your innovation process.

Digital (training) and on-site (in-company)

Can Apply?

Teams of 3-5 participants that are mid-to upper-level managers in any area involved in the development and management of new products namely members of cross-functional new product development teams from areas such as:
New product and service development
R&D Business development

That want to create or improve their development process, to ensure value creation and business growth in a highly competitive environment.

are the costs?

The program fee covers tuition and reading materials.

Member companies:
Non-member companies:

VAT not included.

it works?

The customer-centric innovation Laboratory is structured in four stages:
Edition 1: June (2,9,23), July (7)
Edition 2: October (6, 13, 27), November (10)
Schedule: 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Personalized executive coaching is scheduled individually with each participating company.


HiLabs – Innovation laboratories are short-term programs that combine training and executive mentoring that join multidisciplinary teams with outside tech experts to emulate the culture, speed, tech integration, and disruptiveness of a start-up, in order to develop new products, services, experiences, and business models that take advantage of new business strategies and advances in technology. 

The goals of these innovation laboratories are:
- Faster development of new products and/or explore new business models that solve core client needs and drive company revenue.
- Shift the company culture towards greater innovation, tech integration, and collaboration both internally and with outside groups.
- Enable change from their existing strategy to a new business strategy (more customer-centric, digital transformation, design thinking, etc.).
- Foster partnerships with outside companies, startups, and leading academic organizations.
- Explore the potential of new technologies independent of current product development, to solve client problems in new ways.

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