HiSeedTech Joins EIT Deep Talent Stand at WebSummit 2023, held on November 13th to 16th.

Embracing the EIT Deep Talent Initiative at WebSummit

HiSeedTech proudly stands as a committed pledger within the EIT Deep Talent Initiative, a pioneering program led by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT), with a mission to empower one million individuals within deep tech fields over the next three years. Recently, we were graciously invited by the EIT team to join them at their stand during the WebSummit, held from the 13th to the 16th of November.

Our participation was highlighted by a "Meet the Pledger" session, offering WebSummit attendees an invaluable opportunity to directly interact with us. This session served as a platform for inquiries about our activities and understanding our role within the landscape of the EIT Deep Talent Initiative.

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What made this experience particularly enriching was the chance to meet the esteemed EIT team in person. Engaging with other pledgers further amplified our collective efforts towards the New European Innovation Agenda. Our discussions centered on developing guidance and resources for individuals aspiring to persue a career path in deep tech.

This interaction was a significant platform for sharing perspectives and strategies, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in nurturing and guiding future talents in the field. It facilitated remarkable exchanges, fostering connections, and aligning visions for a brighter future in the domain of deep tech.

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The engagement at WebSummit was an enlightening experience that further reinforced our commitment to innovation and talent development within the realm of deep tech.

Stay tuned for more updates on HiSeedTech's journey toward deep tech!

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