Vertex 2018 - HiSeedTech presentation

"What's Next?" in Science, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

HiSeedTech was at Vertex 2018 in a morning dedicated to "What's Next?" in Science, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

How can the world adequately feed more than 9.800 million people by 2050 in a manner that advances economic development and reduces pressure on the environment? This was the key question of our presentation and we identified 6 major problems and suggestions to solve them. The presentation is available here.

Problem: Reduce water usage in agriculture.
Solution: Improve irrigation efficiency.
Technology: Sensors, IoT and Genetic engineering.

Problem: Increase crop yield.
Solution: Use environmental neutral fertilizers and pesticides.
Technology: Biotechnology & Green Chemistry.

Problem: Reduce land use.
Solution: Use non-farmland.
Technology: Efficient hydroculture (hydroponic).

Problem: Freshwater is a limited local resource.
Solution: Diversify the supply of freshwater.
Technology: Efficient desalinisation.

Problem: One out of every four calories produced is lost or wasted between the farm and the fork.
Solution: Reduce food loss and waste post-harvest.
Technology: Safe and green pesticides and preservatives to prevent the food from rotten.

Problem: Meat is inefficient from a land use perspective.
Solution:Reduce meat consumption.
Technology: Engineered animal protein (3D printing).

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