Summer Break

Embrace the Silly Season with "Fala-me de Ciência" Podcast!

HiSeedTech is taking a well-deserved summer break to recharge and will come back in September with fresh ideas and challenges.

The emphasis on preserving time for rest allows us to have fresh ideas and it's an excellent approach to nurture creativity and innovation. That said, we return in September with news and challenges for everyone, a break to return with even more desire to make a revolution in the deep tech ecosystem.

Although we're taking a break for vacation, we'd like to offer you a valuable suggestion: listen to our podcast "Fala-me de Ciência" on Spotify. While the podcast took a temporary pause, we encourage you to listen to all 22 episodes available. Listen to our guests discuss their career paths, research topics, challenges and choices. Hope they inspire you!

Find us on Spotify (here) and embark on a discovery journey.
Below is a list of episodes broadcast so far:
Ep 1: A HiSeedTech
Ep 2: A HiSeedTech, parte 2
Ep 3: Da Ciência ao Produto
Ep 4: Gabriel Almeida | Associate Professor and CEO of Nitrogen Sensing Solutions
Ep 5: Ana Catarina Sousa | Associate Professor at University of Évora
Ep 6: Richard Hampson | CEO of Epinutra 
Ep 7: Elsa Lamy | Researcher at University of Évora
Ep 8: Diogo Caetano | Researcher at INESC MN
Ep 9: Natália Santos | Innovation Consultant
Ep 10: Joana Correia | Executive Director and CSO at Exogenus Therapeutics
Ep 11: João Seixas | CEO at TargTex
Ep 12: Cátia Magro | Academic Director SIT Portugal
Ep 13: Bruno Abreu | co-founder & CEO @ SCUBIC
Ep 14: André Mão de Ferro | Co-founder & Executive Manager at C2C-NewCap
Ep 15: Gil Andrade | Assistant Professor at the University of Aveiro
Ep 16: Mara Freire | CEO and co-founder of RYA-Purification Technologies
Ep 17: João Rufo | Researcher at ISPUP | Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto 
Ep 18: Rita Ventura | Head of Bioorganic Chemistry Group, ITQB-NOVA
Ep 19: Diana Oliveira | Co-Founder and Head of R&D at PFx Biotech
Ep 20: Isabel Moutinho | Product Development Manager, Sonae Arauco
Ep 21: Inês Gonçalves | Principal Investigator at i3S/INEB and Co-Founder of GOTech Antimicrobial
Ep 22: Ana Pereira | Postdoctoral Researcher at LEPABE - Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy

Share your favorite episodes with friends and family, so they can join the scientific exploration too! And if you have any topic suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out - we're excited to hear from you.

Wishing you a vacation filled with relaxation, wonder, and, of course, a healthy dose of science!

Stay curious and keep exploring,
HiSeedTech team.

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