S3E Start Open Day

The first cohort has ended. Read the recap of the Open Day.

Meet the thirteen deep tech projects supported by S3E Start that will pitch next 20th of July on the Open day.

We have thirteen outstanding deep tech projects that will pitch at the S3E Start Open Day on July 20. If you want to learn more about who’s on the cutting edge of the southern European deep tech ecosystem, you cannot miss this event.

Registrations are available here and you can check the S3E Start Booklet to get to know the projects ahead of the Open Day! Download your copy here.

Meet the deep tech projects:

BioMEMs piezoelectric coating for metallic bone implants generates electric stimulli that are crucial for bone regeneration and vascularization, consequently improving the patient's regeneration process.
Team: Júlio Rocha, Maxim Ivanov, Noelle Zanini
Institution: University of Aveiro

Cancer Therapeutics introduces a groundbreaking system, which can supply critical compounds directly to tumoral sites, targeting cancer cells individually.
Team: Ermes Mestroni (TTO), Flavio Rizzolio, Isabella Caligiuri, Kanwal Asif, Muhammad Adeel
Institution: CRO Aviano and Cafoscari University

Carbon2 provides expertise in converting carbon emissions and industrial wastes to value added essential minerals.
Team: Gregory A. Chass, Isabella Romeo and Kun V. Tian
Institution: Queen Mary University of London and Sapienza University of Rome

CAVI has developed the CAVI Ω reactor, a compact and cost-effective device that harnesses the power of cavitation to enhance biogas production.
Team: Jurij Gostisa, Mojca Zupanc, Tadej Stepisnik Perdih and Kinga Hening (TTO)
Institution: University of Ljubljana and National Technical University of Athens

DVS@FunNanoInk has developed a compact and modular high-vacuum sublimator which fills the gap between glassware-based and bulky sublimation equipment.
Team: Arancha González-Campo, Daniel Herrera, Núria Aliaga-Alcalde, Rossella Zaffino
Institution: ICMAB-CSIC

EditUP has devised and patented a genome editing approach capable of precisely modulate the expression of specific genes to compensate for the lack of a disease-related allele and restore the levels of expression within physiological values.
Team: Alberto Raoss and Davide Ederle (TTO)
Institution: University of Trento

EPF3Bio have created a fungal based all-in-one bioproduct that is an efficient biofertilizer, plant stimulant and biopesticide.
Team: Alexandra Kortsinoglou, Anastasia Christinaki, Marios Andrikopoulos, and Myridakis Antonios
Institution: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

HEKA Vision aims to revolutionize breast cancer surgery by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and eXtended Reality (XR). The platform will make breast cancer surgery safer, faster, and more precise than ever before. This will reduce mastectomy and re-operation rates, improving patient outcomes.
Team: João Santinha, Pedro Gouveia, Tiago Marques
Institution: Champalimaud Foundation

HTS-INKS developed an ultrafast method for growing superconductive tapes. These tapes are made of High-Temperature Superconductors (HTS) which are paving the way towards making superconductivity a widely used technology, and help reduce global energy losses.
Team: Cornelia Pop, Mar Tristany, Roxana Vlad, Teresa Puig, Xavier Obradors
Institution: ICMAB-CSIC

MARCIA developed a test that detects metastasis in breast cancer patients for better patient management.
Team: Clotilde Costa and Gloria García López
Institution: Fundación Instituto De Investigación Sanitaria De Santiago De Compostela (FIDIS)

Met Lab develops tailor-made enzymes, on-demand. These enzymes are advantageous biocatalysts that can effectively replace toxic and expensive chemicals, save on energy/resources consumption, and reduce the impact on the environment.
Team: André Taborda, Carolina Ferro Rodrigues and Diogo Silva
Institution: ITQB-Nova

Nano Ink is centered upon development and commercialization of nanoparticle-enhanced inks (nano-inks) to be used in fabrication of smart windows.
Team: Elif Begum Elcioglu, Nur Cobanoglu and Omur Sayligil
Institution: Eskisehir Technical University and Izmir Katip Celebi University

Sumatrix Biotech produces alternative leather that is made by biotechnological tools of locally produced agro-industrial waste. The biofabricated leather "BacTexture" is biodegradable, recyclable, cruelty-free, has no harmful effect on human and enviroment.
Team: Berna Alemdag, Rumeysa Saglam and Semra Unal Yildirim
Institution: Sumatrix Biotech

Each deep tech project is unique and has different potential, being developed by researchers (and this year also TTOs) from southern european R&D organizations.

The event is free, and registration is mandatory, don't forget to register here.

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