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Meet 14 Groundbreaking Deep Tech Projects at the S3E Start Open Day on June 18th at 14:30 Portuguese Time.

Next June 18th, the S3E Start will showcase the deep tech projects that participated in this edition's cohort. These projects were developed by nearly 60 researchers from institutions in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Türkiye. Over 20 weeks, they were supported by the HiSeedTech team and industry experts who guided them in developing a business case from the technology they brought to the program. The culmination of S3E Start will be at the Open Day, where the research teams will pitch their deep tech projects.

Registrations to watch the Event are available here and you can check the S3E Start Booklet to get to know more details about the these projects! Download your copy here.

Meet the Deep Tech Projects:

BioScreen is a portable device that uses electrochemical quantification for real-time monitoring of plant oxidative stress, providing cost-effective screening of agrochemicals.
Team: Ioana Hosu and Luminita Dimitriu
Institution: Institutul Național de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Chimie și Petrochimie - ICECHIM București (Romania)

Blood2Power technology is a pioneering power-generating system that harnesses electrical energy from the movement of body fluids (e.g., blood) to power medical devices.
Team: Andreia Pereira, Daniela Sousa, Herbert Middleton, Inês Gonçalves and Salomé Luís
Institution: i3S - Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (Portugal)

BreastScreening-AI is an advanced AI-driven diagnostic tool that integrates mammography, ultrasound, and MRI data to enhance breast cancer detection accuracy, reducing diagnostic times and minimizing false positives and negatives.
Team: André Fadiga, Carlos Santiago and Francisco Maria Calisto
Institution: Instituto Superior Técnico and Coimbra University (Portugal)

C-Anal View is a fenestrated anoscope and colonoscopy-compatible tool that improves tissue sampling, detects anal neoplastic lesions, and minimizes procedural risks. Its primary function is to enable precise visualization of the anal canal and rectum.
Team: Francesca Rizzi, Ilaria Toniolo and Lino Polese
Institution: Università degli Studi di Padova and UniSMART - Fondazione Università di Padova (Italy)

CPSE is developing a comprehensive service suite for pathogen monitoring, delivering detailed reports via a customized database. It securely centralizes monitoring data, offers customizable diagnostics, and optimizes action efficiency.
Team: Cihan İspanoğlu, Ege Dedeoğlu, Gultekin Unal and Hamza Yusuf Altun
Institution: Ankara Univerty (Türkiye)

DOPANTS uses polymer nanocomposites to enhance safety and sustainability in medical consumables, offering infection resistance, customization via 3D printing, durability, and reduction of environmental impact.
Team: Anna Mastrogiorgi, Eleftheria Perivola, Marios Fragkioglou, Minas Stylianakis and Vasileios Tzatzadakis
Institution: Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece)

ECOPLAN is an AI-powered platform for construction material selection and recommendation. It analyzes projects from Building Information Models (BIM), suggests optimal materials, increasing selection accuracy by 60%, and saving 20% project time.
Team: Greta Cerskute and Marius Kriukovas
Institution: Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Genesis is a plug-and-play off-grid production system providing clean fuel for boat owners and sodium borates for chemical industries. It offers hydrogen and power production, IP-protected borate, and promotes circular economy.
Team: Alexandra Pinto, Diogo Silva, Helder Nunes and Lucas Marcon
Institution: FEUP - Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto (Portugal)

MIRALS is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that inhibits microRNA-129, an upregulated miRNA found in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients, slowing down the progression of the disease.
Team: Alessandro Cervi, Linda Ottoboni, Mafalda Rizzuti, Margherita Chierici and Stefania Corti
Institution: Fondazione IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico (Italy)

NEMATEAM is a fast and efficient bionematicide, targeting a broad spectrum of plant-parasitic nematodes. It is environmentally friendly and can be easily applied to crops through contact or soil fumigation.
Team: Cláudia Vicente, Madalena Mendonça, Margarida Espada and Pedro Barbosa
Institution: Évora University (Portugal)

OncoMagnetoSweep is a magnetic extracorporeal device removing cancer cells from blood, enhancing treatment by reducing side effects, treatment time, and sessions, with a global cost reduction.
Team: Diana Fonseca, Luísa Fialho, Marta Laranjeira and Natacha Rosa
Institution: i3S - Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (Portugal)

OncoMets is a blood-based In vitro diagnostics (IVD) tool providing real-time monitoring for breast cancer. It offers accurate, non-invasive detection of recurrent cancer earlier than traditional methods, enabling timely interventions and improving patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.
Team: Ana Sofia Ribeiro, Barbara Macedo, Bruno Freitas, Inês Conde, Joana Paredes and Rita Carvalho
Institution: i3S - Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (Portugal)

THYMI offers for the first time the possibility to produce in laboratory patient-specific T cells that can be ready use to supplement patient immunity with no risk of transplanted cell rejection or side-effects.
Team: Rute Pinto and Pedro Ferreirinha
Institution: i3S - Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (Portugal)

UPWIND is innovating with ZEPHYRUS, a transportable airborne device that converts wind energy into electricity, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable power in remote locations lacking access to the electricity grid.
Team: Fernando Fontes, Gabriel Fernandes, Luís Tiago Paiva, Manuel Fernandes, Rui da Costa, and Sérgio Vinha
Institution: FEUP - Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto (Portugal)

If you want to learn more about who's on the cutting edge of the southern European deep tech ecosystem, you cannot miss the S3E Start Open Day.

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