S3E Start 2024

Empowering Deep Tech: Introducing the 22 Mentors who will support the selected research teams.

In the dynamic landscape of S3E Start 2024, we are thrilled to unveil the driving force behind innovation – the 22 mentors dedicated to supporting the 15 participating teams.

This year's S3E Start edition brings together a group of 22 mentors, each contributing their expertise to guide the research teams through the transformative journey of S3E Start. The mentorship process within the programme is a formal and structured approach meticulously designed to empower participating teams in developing a business case rooted in scientific discoveries or meaningful engineering that they bring to the program.

These mentors are professionals actively engaged in various industries, passionately committed to assisting the 15 teams in developing their research projects. Their mission is to showcase solutions, illuminate new paths, and provide fresh perspectives as the teams navigate the challenges of market validation. The S3E Start mentors will play a pivotal role in guiding the participating teams through project validation and the development of business cases. In essence, they are instrumental in helping the teams identify issues and make informed decisions that will shape the trajectory of their projects.

Meet the Visionaries Shaping the Future of Deep Tech Innovation:

  1. Adriana Esteves
  2. Alexandre Santos
  3. Alípio Torre
  4. Ana Pereira
  5. António Dinis
  6. Atilla Hakan Ozdemir
  7. Bruno Primo Diniz
  8. Cátia Magro
  9. Fatih Yalçın
  10. Frederico Carpinteiro
  11. Isabel Moutinho
  12. Jaime Souza
  13. João Maia e Silva
  14. Jorge Martins
  15. Luís Gomes
  16. Manuel Silva
  17. Marisa Loureiro
  18. Paulo Vaz Guimarães
  19. Paulo Osswald
  20. Richard Hampson
  21. Thalia Deniozou
  22. Ziga Gosar

Our deepest gratitude extends to all 22 participating mentors for their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation within the S3E Start community. Together, they form an integral part of the journey that will shape the future of these research projects.

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