S3E Charge Applications

Accelerate Your Deep Tech Startup, apply until the 15th of December

Join the S3E Charge: Applications close in the end of this week!

As the deadline for applications approaches,startups that need to develop a robust business plan are invited to seize the opportunity and apply to S3E Charge. The closing date for applications is December 15 at 17:00 CET.

What is S3E Charge?

Designed for startups that want to boost their deep tech products, services, or process concepts rooted in scientific discoveries or meaningful engineering innovations,that are already in the market.

What to Expect?
Participation in the S3E Charge track offers an array of invaluable benefits. When you finish the program, you will have developed a business plan for a product, service or process and you will have acquired skills and be investment ready to:

The outcome of the S3E Charge will better position you to apply for public or private funding and programs, because it will help you link your business offerings to market needs and become market ready to pitch and attract investments whilst having validated and honed your business plan and your value proposition.

Apply now:
If you're a visionary deep tech startup looking to take the leap towards applying for European funding, the S3E Charge program could be your game-changer. The deadline for applications is December 15, 17:00 CET. Apply now at S3E Charge Application Link.

Learn More:
For further details, explore the S3E website: S3E Website.

Don't miss this chance to propel your startup journey forward with S3E Charge!

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