Roadshow HiTech/S3E Start

HiSeedTech will be on a HiTech/S3E Start Open Call Roadshow. Check the agenda and join us!

During January and February, HiSeedTech, part of S3E – The Engine for South European Deep Tech Engine will be on a roadshow to present HiTech/S3E Start in several Portuguese higher education and research institutions.

HiTech is now part of the European S3E Project and the research teams from Portuguese Institutions that will apply to HiTech will join the S3E Start program. Moreover, the HiTech/S3E Start will also be open, for the first time, to Technology Transfer Officers (TTOs) staff that want to learn a thoroughly tested methodology to foster science-based entrepreneurship and technology commercialization.

In 2023 HiSeedTech will go out and present HiTech/S3E Start on the following Portuguese higher education and research institutions:

You can consult the list of presentations and register at

What we'll cover in these information sessions:

This roadshow is the perfect place to clear all your doubts about the project or the program and understand if it really makes sense for you and your project apply to HiTEch/S3E Start.

Dont have time to attend in any of these sessions? Dont worry. We will also host to online Q&A Webinars:

Tickets are available on our website - news and events section - and have mandatory registration.

Know more about the program here.

The S3E Open call is open from 7 November 2022 (12pm CEST) to 10 February 2023 (17h CEST).

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