S3E Start Session

The participating teams pitched their value propositions.

S3E Start research teams pitch the value propositions of their deep tech projects to an audience of 50 people.

Yesterday, May 30, from 15:00 CET to 18:30 CET, the research teams participating in S3E Start had to present their deep tech projects value proposition in front of a panel composed of the HiSeedTech team - Cláudia Barbosa, Cristina Simões, Nuno Falcão e Cunha and Pedro Vilarinho. The event took place online with an audience of 50 people and was open to participating teams, technology transfer officers, mentors, and S3E partners (Australo, EPLO, and IDI).

The session was held midway through the program and was intended to: (i) serve as a proxy for the July 20 open day; (ii) provide feedback to the team and test the robustness of the work done to date; (iii) familiarize the team with the types of questions that might arise during real presentations to investors or other stakeholders.

Each team had 5 minutes to present their value proposition, which included: defining the problem they are solving and the need behind it, defining the technology, the solution they have, and identifying the market, the competition, and the team behind it.

The pitches were made in the following order:

All teams did very well, and in the next seven weeks, the focus will be on improving on yesterday's presentation and finishing the business cases. Congratulations to you all! 

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