HiTech changes

The program is under construction at the moment.

HiTech Program was created to support researchers (from research centres, universities, polytechnic institutes, other R&D institutions and companies) in knowledge valorisation. This program, once called COHITEC, is in its 16th edition and trained 608 researchers, 276 management students and involved 117 mentors. From the program, 44 science-based startups were born.

After 16 years of experience and accumulated knowledge, HiSeedTech thought that it would relevant redesign the program in order to adapt to the new market challenges and, thus meet all the stakeholders’ needs.

So, in 2020 the HiTech program will be divided into two stages. The stage one aims at train research teams in technology commercialisation processes. The stage two aims at developing a business case for the product concept developed in the first stage.

Next edition will already assume this structure and the roadshow that usually happen at this time will not happen. The roadshow will return– full of news – very soon.

Stay tuned we're working on this.

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