HiTech 2019 Closing Session

Nova SBE will host HiTech 2019 Closing Session next 2nd of July.

The HiTech 2019 Program will have its final session on the 2nd of July at Nova School of Business and Economics, starting at 2PM.

In this session, the 2019 HiTech projects will pitch their tech-based business ideas, and we will have a roundtable discussion, boosted by Andreia Madeira (BBVA), about “Industry driven innovation" with the participation of Nuno Oliveira Figueiredo (Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo), Jorge Martins (Enkrott), Carlos Martins Andrade (Galp Energia) and Augusto Eugénio Filipe (Tecnimede).

14:00 Reception

14:30 Welcome
Pedro Vilarinho, HiSeedTech

14:45 Projects presentations I
T-ALL therapies / T-cell leukemia targeted therapy
IR Bactyping / Bacterial strain typing for real-time epidemiology
Hydroledge / Aquadoctus - Making water utilities smarter
ENKI HydroTec / Water Monitoring Systems
NewAlgaFeed / The best choice for animal nutrition

15:35 HiSurprise

15:40 Projects presentations II
CLEVER Diagnostics / Precision Medicine in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
Nitrogen Sensing Solutions – NSS / Water Monitoring: Healthy Fish for Human Consumption
TripleHope / Genomic test for triple-negative breast cancer precision medicine
AMCT: Anti-malarial combination therapy / Plan your trip, we plan your safety!

16:20 Coffee-break and networking

17:00 Round table: Industry driven innovation PT
Augusto Eugénio Filipe, Tecnimede
Carlos Martins Andrade, Galp Energia
Jorge Martins, Enkrott
Nuno Figueiredo, Cortadoria Nacional de Pêlo
Challenger: Andreia Madeira, BBVA

18:00 Closing session PT
António Brandão de Vasconcelos, everis Portugal
Daniel Traça, Nova SBE

Registrations are available here.

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