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Exploring Turkey's Vibrant Deep Tech Ecosystem.

HiSeedTech's Journey in Turkey: Promoting the S3E Project and Hosting Consortium Meetings

HiSeedTech embarked on a journey to Turkey with the goal of amplifying the reach of the S3E project and hosting a consortium meeting, fostering collaborations and advancing cutting-edge initiatives.

Ankara Engagements: November 20th

Our journey was initiated with insightful discussions at two prestigious institutions in Ankara. At ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, our team engaged with the Technology Transfer Officer team, outlining the goals and innovative initiatives of the S3E project. This interaction laid the groundwork for a vibrant exchange of ideas. Subsequently, our expedition took us to TOBB University of Economics and Technology, where we further elucidated the vision and goals of our groundbreaking project to another esteemed Technology Transfer Officer team.


Consortium Meeting: November 21st

The trip saw a important milestone with S3E consortium meeting held in Ankara. During this meeting, strategic plans for the kick-off of S3E Start, Charge, and Reverse tracks took shape, and the upcoming Open Days were outlined. Exciting developments and innovative strategies are coming and be unveiled soon at www.south3e.eu.


Istanbul Roadshow: November 22nd

Continuing our journey to Istanbul, the S3E team, in partnership with YTÜ Yıldız Teknopark, hosted the "S3E Turkish Roadshow Promotion Day". This session gathered startups, researchers and Technology Transfer Officers professionals in Istanbul's dynamic deep-tech landscape. Held at the YTU Davutpaşa Campus Tarihi Hamam event area, this event provided an ideal stage for fostering innovation, collaboration, and networking. YTU Yıldız Technopark, spanning a significant R&D office area of 148,000 m2 and hosting over 8,000 skilled R&D and software professionals along with 500+ R&D companies and incubators, served as an ideal venue for fostering innovation and collaboration.


Exploring ITU ARI Teknokent, Istanbul: November 23rd

The journey culminated with a visit to ITU ARI Teknokent, an esteemed science park situated within Istanbul Technical University's main Maslak campus. This pioneering institution serves as a nexus facilitating seamless collaboration between industry and academia. Engaging with the park's management team, HiSeedTech introduced and discussed the S3E Program and its impact.

ITU ARI Teknokent spans an area of 1,655,000 m2 and comprises 10 buildings housing over 300 technology companies. Employing more than 8,800 R&D personnel, the institution has successfully completed over 3,600 R&D projects, generating a total R&D income of 40 billion TL within its companies. Furthermore, it has accomplished a total export value of 1 billion dollars."


HiSeedTech's journey through Turkey wasn't just a trip; it was a significant stride in forging collaborations, fostering innovation, and nurturing a dynamic deep tech ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates on HiSeedTech's ongoing journey to bridge the gap between science and the market.

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