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HiSeedTech Joins the Deep Tech Talent Initiative!

HiSeedTech joins the Deep Tech Talent Initiative to Shape the Future of European Deep Tech ecosystem!

HiSeedTech is thrilled to announce its selection to join the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, an innovative program initiated by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT). HiSeedTech proudly stands among the first wave of 75 pledgers chosen to embark on this transformative journey.

A Pledge for Deep Tech Innovation

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative is a pioneering program with a goal to equip one million Europeans with deep tech skills over the next three years. Deep Tech innovations, cutting-edge technology solutions that blend scientific and engineering fields in the physical, biological, and digital realms, are essential in addressing our most critical global challenges. However, Europe faces a shortage of the talent and skilled workforce required to fully harness these new technologies for its green and digital transition.

Empowering Through Education through S3E Start and HiTech

At the core of HiSeedTech's commitment to the Deep Tech Talent Initiative are the programs: S3E Start and HiTech.

S3E Start is now featured in the list of courses that will shape the future of the European deep tech ecosystem. You can see the details of the course here. For now, we are the only course host by a Portuguese institution.

This recognition is a testament to the quality and value of our program. To be chosen for inclusion S3E Start underwent a rigorous quality check and we are proud to have met the high standards set by the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative.

S3E Start is now accepting applications and is tailored for research teams looking to bring their scientific innovations to the market, as well as Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) seeking to adopt our methodology to enhance their institutions and leave a lasting legacy.

By participating in the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, our aim is to provide access to top-tier educational resources that will empower aspiring deep tech professionals, nurturing a new generation of innovators.

A Collaborative Vision

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative extends beyond individual organizations; it's a call for collaboration and synergy. HiSeedTech views this partnership as an opportunity to gain international exposure, expand our network within the deep tech ecosystem, and acquire valuable insights into the best practices of deep tech education. By closely collaborating with EIT and its Knowledge & Innovation Communities, as well as our fellow Pledge partners, we aspire to amplify the impact of our programs and make a substantial contribution to Europe's innovation landscape.

Our journey with the Deep Tech Talent Initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and driving progress in Europe. As we embark on this exhilarating adventure, HiSeedTech eagerly anticipates making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless individuals aspiring to be part of the deep tech revolution.

Join us in shaping the future of the European Deep Tech Ecosystem!

Learn more about the Deep Tech Talent Initiative and explore how HiSeedTech is contributing to this transformative journey here.

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