HiSeedTech were present at BBVA Open Summit 2018 (Madrid)

The event took place in Madrid last October 16th & 17th.

We were challenged by BBVA, our member company, to go to the BBVA Open Summit 2018. The event took place in Madrid last October 16th & 17th. It was two intense days of inspiration, knowledge and networking.

We had the opportunity of having a slot of 60 minutes at the Exhibition Zone to show HiSeedTech to the attendees. This Exhibition Zone was part of the heart of the event, where most connections were done. The amazing companies and products exposed gave the attendees a great overview of the worldwide situation and where the Ecosystem is moving to.

We really enjoyed the experience.


About BBVA Open Summit:

BBVA Open Summit is an event where innovators, investors, startups, connectors, disruptors and dreamers come together to change the scene of traditional banking and to bring the age of opportunity to everyone.

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