Eleven projects selected

36 technologists with 11 projects have been selected for HiTech One.

36 technologists with 11 projects have been selected for HiTech One. For eight weeks the selected teams will be able to: develop and validate a value proposition for a product/service concept derived from science & technology and gain skills in technology commercialization.

Selected Projects:
Institution: Aveiro University
Team: Anna Wlodarkiewicz, Adriana Magueta, Camila Ribeiro

Institution: Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto
Team: Carla Magalhães, Luís Pinto da Silva, Patrícia González-Berdullas

Institution: Aveiro and Évora University
Team: Ana Sousa, Ana Rufino, João Valente, Manuel Ramiro Pastorinho

Institution: Aveiro University
Team: Inês Vilarinho, Ricardo Serrazina, Rui Pinho

Institution: Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S)
Team: Andreia T Pereira, Duarte Moura, Helena Ferreira, Inês C Gonçalves, Patrícia C Henriques

Institution: Aveiro University
Team: António Gil Andrade-Campos, Bernardete Coelho, Mariana Conde, Miguel Oliveira

Institution: Aveiro University
Team: Ana M Gil, Marta Vasconcelos, Tatiana João

Institution: Phyergy
Team: Ivo Pimentel Teixeira, Vítor Cândido

Institution: Aveiro University
Team: Augusto Pedro, Ana Ferreira, Inês Cardoso, João Pinto Oliveira

Self-Stacked Systems
Institution: CINTESIS - Center for Health Technology and Services and Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto
Team: António Ramos da Silva, Sofia Ferreira Leite

Institution: Aveiro University
Team: Elaine Fabre, Pedro Moleiro, Tiago Morais



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