Cold Calling by Roger Debo

Next 26th of April at 16.30 CET Roger Debo will host a webinar on "Cold Calling".

Under the implementation of the S3E START Programme, Roger Debo, HiSeedTech's long time partner, will host a webinar that addresses one of the oldest and most common forms of marketing research: "cold calling". Registrations are available here. Do not miss it!

HiSeedTech is proud to work and collaborate with companies - you can check all of them here - and also with our long time American partners. This month, under the European project S3E, Roger Debo will host a webinar on "Cold Calling".

In this context of deep tech entrepreneurship, cold calling is the practice of contacting potential customers. This is to validate if there is a need for a deep tech project that an entrepreneurial research team is developing.

What can you expect from this webinar?

Roger Debo was Rutgers' CTEC Director. From 2000 – 2015 he served as the Director of the Entrepreneurship Collaborative at NC State University. During his tenure, he was an advisor/consultant for 10 companies, the interim CEO or Board member for 5 startups. He served as the Board Chair for Xanofi, a NC State spin-off. In 2002, he founded a non-profit organization and an LLC to promote technology commercialization at NC State. In 2004, Roger was part of a team that launched the COHiTEC program in Portugal, which led to a country-wide commercialization initiative that has created more than two dozen companies; established a €12MM venture fund and was awarded with the 2006 Price Foundation Innovative Entrepreneurship Educators Award from Stanford University. Roger was also responsible for launching and supporting the MBA commercialization program for The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. This program received a 2009 NCIIA Olympus Award for innovative thinking in education. In 2008, Roger cofounded TECnet, an international network of entrepreneurship educators, which received an EU-US grant to foster international collaboration in education and commercialization of university technologies.

To sign-up for this "Cold Calling" webinar, register here.

About S3E Start:
S3E Start is a 18-weeks program that through training, advising, and mentoring supports research teams from Southern R&D organisations in translating cutting-edge technology and scientific discoveries into high-growth business opportunities.

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