Board meeting at our associate Costa Verde

HiSeedTech Roadshow

HiSeedTech is on Roadshow to meet the HQ of our associates. This time our board met the Porcelanas da Costa Verde.

Costa Verde began its activity in 1992 and has two strategic business areas: Hotel and Domestic porcelain. The factory is located in the District of Aveiro and possesses a covered area of 30,000 square meters and an unoccupied area of over 60,000 square meters. With a Corporate Capital divided between shareholders/distributors and Management, this close collaboration strategy has the objective of expanding its horizon to major European distributors within a time frame ranging from medium to long term. With qualified Human Resources, our company is constantly investing in training and current processes, which contribute towards it holding a key position within the markets, presenting itself as efficient and Customer friendly. Characterized by highly advanced technological equipment of German origin, as well as a user of rigorously selected international and national raw materials, our product stands out due to its high quality index. Our Quality Department also carries out evaluation and control checks, on a continuous basis, in close collaboration with the Scientific Department of the Glass and Ceramics Department of the University of Aveiro and the Glass and Ceramics Technological Centre of Coimbra. In terms of percentage, 65% of the production is exported to the European Union, United States of America, South America, Japan, Canada, Turkey, Mexico and United Arab Emirates, among others.

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