AIM Further 2023

HiSeedTech went to Aveiro to participate in AIM Further 2023

Yesterday, June the 15th, HiSeedTech went to the University of Aveiro to make a presentation at AIM Further 2023.

A conference that started in the early afternoon and lasted about an hour. This presentation was meant for the PhD students of CICECO.

About AIM Further:
AIM Further is the main yearly event envisioned to be held for a whole day in a different context from work. The main objective of this initiative was to have an event that was made only for PhD students and by PhD students, having a comfortable environment to share ideas, learn about new topics, discuss important issues related with writing a thesis and working as a PhD student, but also to relax and partake in some team building activities.

In this presentation, HiSeedTech had around 50 participants where it presented the association's flagship programme. Entrepreneurship as a way to create personal opportunities was the theme presented by Pedro Vilarinho. Throughout this presentation it was also possible to talk about the S3E programme.

In an informal and relaxed presentation, there was time for questions from the audience about how the program works.

Find out more about our programmes at the following link.

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